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WCAOEM can customize products to meet your needs. From branding of bezels and systems, to full custom designs, WCAOEM can has you covered.

We have developed quality products such as custom designed & fabricated sheet metal brackets, enclosures, and server racks. We take pride in our creative ability to provide solutions that other vendors are neither capable nor willing to offer.

Here are some examples of custom solutions :

  • Point-Of-Sale Enclosures
  • Custom fixturing
  • Bezels for server products
  • Brackets and cabling for customer products
  • Customized server enclosures for specific application use:
  • Branded recovery media
  • Full design retail packaging for custom products

Hardware Integration Register

This integration kit was originally designed for one of our Fortune 500 customers. It was meticulously designed to accommodate all of the customer’s register equipment in a convenient and secure assembly. Because the designed to hold the computer in one bay and the printer in another, it has been coined “garage”.  The back and front of the “garage” have efficient grates for ventilation to prevent overheating. The back of the “garage” has ports allowing easy access for cables. Devices can quickly and easily be swapped out of this garage when needed, ensuring minimal downtime.  There is also an option to add a locking mechanism to any of these items. Once rolled out and validated, this innovative design was swiftly implemented in all of this client’s stores nationwide. Give us a chance to show you what we can do for you!

Click the video above  for more
information on our Hardware Integration Register

Mobile Printer Three Bay Cradle

This custom rack is designed to hold multiple label printers and integrates the a/c adapters inside the cradle all connected to one power cable for convenient charging. The back of the custom rack contains ports that allow the cables to be easily connected to the printers. Each panel on this custom rack is able to be removed and configured to fit the shape of a printer.

Mobile printer three bay cradle

USB Retention Bracket

WCA retail has a USB retention bracket which helps reduce POS downtime. This clever device was designed by Aaron & Tom at WCA Retail when he noticed several service calls identified loose cables as a root cause. Most VGA monitor ports have retention screws and RJ45 (ethernet) cables have retention tabs – we don’t believe these were accidental design features. Today so many monitors and other devices are relying on USB technology, and WCA Retail feels that discouraging loose connections and cables is no less critical to your business than it ever was. Our USB retention brackets will utilize adjacent screws and/or high strength adhesive pads to help mitigate this threat to your connectivity because WCA Retail understands that connectivity means profitability. One more way WCA Retail is thinking outside the box. Give us a try and discover how far we can exceed your expectations.

USB retention bracket

Custom Packaging

It is the mission of WCA Retail to ensure products arrive safely, organized and well labeled. This involves the use of our custom packaging. It may seem like a small detail, but we work closely with our container and foam partners to build item specific cushioned cartons for our custom components. Our custom packaging allows us to ship products already assembled, perfectly intact, and ready for use!

WCA Store in a Box
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